Save the environment with Grow-It-Yourself kits from Upaj!

As a kid, I remember going to my Grandmother’s house in Kerala during summer vacations for a month! Her house always had 3 things – loads of chocolates for me and my brother, delicious home-cooked food and treasure hunts in the backyard! She had a huge garden where she would grow vegetables, fruits, flowers – and we’d  play in the mud and learn gardening. It was so much fun to get our hands dirty, plant seeds, water them every single day and be deliriously happy with the fruits of our labour!

20 years later, trees are being cut down to make way for the concrete jungle. Parks and backyards are rapidly disappearing – a cloud of dust is taking over! We must together plant more trees in order to save our environment, lakes, lands and most importantly ourselves. No matter how small the space may be, it is pivotal to grow plants and play our part in reducing global warming. Imagine if all the kids in the world planted trees, mother earth would be greener than ever! Hence, it is important to teach kids the value of plants and their role in keeping our ecosystem functioning effectively! After all, they give us oxygen to breathe!

With buildings today having little or no space to plant saplings, fear not – help is here in the form of Upaj’s Grow–it-Yourself kits! Grow basil, cherry tomatoes and fenugreek right by your side. Make a fun activity with these all-in-one kits which contain seeds and instructions to grow them in an eco friendly manner! It’s so easy; kids will have a great time learning about the environment while planting these seeds on their own. All they need to do is to water the plants and watch them grow!Mother earth needs all the help she can get. Let us grow plants and grow our mind too!

Radhika Sharma

A new mommy, Radhika has been a media professional for 13+ years, is an expert lullaby singer and is on the quest for #WorkBabyBalance

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