Wireless Earphones or Fitness Trackers – How Should You Track Your Workouts?

There are a host of options available to track your fitness aside from monitoring your weight regularly. From checking your heart rate to calculating the calories burned, you can use a fitness tracker which usually is worn on your wrist or even wireless earphones to ensure you know if you’re on track to better health. Jabra and Fitbit have fitness trackers and wireless earphones respectively. But which is the better choice? We’ll help you decide.

What is Jabra Sport Elite?

Price: Rs.18,990.

Type: Wireless earphones.

The Jabra Sport Elite is a set of completely waterproof Bluetooth earphones with a built-in heart-rate monitor. The battery life clocks in at around four hours and it comes charging case that delivers upto eight hours worth of juice, ensuring you have enough to power you through extended workouts and more. Unlike other wireless earphones such as Apple’s AirPods it’s on the bulkier side while the sound is consistent despite the bass not being the greatest. It’s also compatible with Jabra Sports Life – the company’s fitness app as well as other third-party fitness trackers ensuring it does much more than letting you simply listen to music.

What is Jabra Sport Coach?

Price: Rs.8,999.

Type: Wireless earphones.

If you’re looking for a pair of wireless earphones that are tough to lose, consider the Jabra Sport Coach. The cable connecting either end can be modified to fit as securely as you need it to be for your workout. There’s a built-in motion sensor for measuring steps, calories burned, distance and even cadence. Like the Jabra Sport Elite, it is compatible with the Jabra Sports Life app too. It can be paired via Bluetooth or NFC, and has a battery life of around five hours and charges via micro-USB. At a price that’s lower than most wireless earphones, it’s a potential replacement for your fitness tracker and your earphones, more so with it being sweat and weather resistant.

What is a  Fitbit Surge?

Price: Rs.17,499.

Type: Fitness tracker.

Fitbit is the gold standard for fitness tracking and the Fitbit Surge encapsulates that. There’s a GPS to let you track a wide range of details such as distance, elevation and routes, an always-on display, and an all-day fitness and heart-rate tracking too. The software is equally intuitive and easy to use.Though keep in mind that the device isn’t waterproof, so you can’t wear it in the shower or during a swim. And while it delivers notifications from your phone to your wrist, they’re limited to texts and calls only.

What is a Fitbit Flex 2?

Price: Rs.9,499.

Type: Fitness tracker.

In a lot of ways, the Fitbit Flex 2 is everything the Fitbit Surge should have been. It has a slim, contemporary design and tracks a suite of activities such as steps taken, calories burned, and stationary time to name a few. The tracker can be detached from the band it is shipped with, allowing you to use it with a host of accessories like pendants and more. However, it doesn’t have a display or advanced features like heart rate tracking etc. But it’s water-proof and comes with almost five days of battery life, making it a solid option for entry level fitness enthusiasts.

So what should you buy?

You can’t go wrong with either form factor, be it wireless earphones or fitness trackers. It’s a matter of how often you want to track your activity. Earphones are great for focussed workouts while trackers are good for observing all day activity.

Also note that your choice depends on how committed you are to tracking your health. The Jabra Sport Elite and the Fitbit Surge are great for fitness freaks, while the Fitbit Flex 2 and the Jabra Sports Coach are great for those just starting out. So choose what suits you best.

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