Light up!

Whether you’re prepping your place for the festive season, gearing up for a house party or just creating a positive ambience at home, Landmark has anincredible range of lights for you to explore!

Let’s start with our all-time favourite – the fairy lights! Whether it’s a bulb or a bottle full of fairy lights, they transform the simplest of spaces into nothing short of a fairyland! If you prefer minimalistic designs, place the bulb and bottle fairy lights in a corner and watch them work their magic. And if you’re the one to host a lot of impromptu parties, you can use these as centrepieces and turn off the other lights!

Lanterns are an option too. Not only are they easy to manage but also they blend in so well with almost any kind of décor. You can hang them in the living area, place them on the shelf or mantle or even in the balcony, they have a calming effect. Get the decorated ones, with glitter and bling, and you are ready for a celebration as well!

Lights, whether fairy lights in a bulb or bottle or lanterns, they have a charm that make us feel at home. And so what if Diwali is over; you can always save a bit of it at home! Visit your nearest Landmark store and choose from our beautiful range of bulb and bottle fairy lights and lanterns!

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