The Rise of Romance in Indian Writing


Love stories are eternal. The Indian literary scene has always been heavily peppered with some of the most enchanting love stories. But with time, the frequency of love stories being written, published and read have been on a sharp incline.

When Chetan Bhagat wrote Five Point Someone, with it, he opened the gates to all those who have dreamt of writing. He also made romance novels mainstream. More Indians started reading due to the USP of his stories which is that they are relatable. The language is simple, sometimes even colloquial, and the plots straight out of readers’ lives.

Author Ravinder Singh shot to fame with his novel I Too Had a Love Story which won over the hearts of its readers because of how real the story was. It was disclosed that the story was based on the author’s own real life experience. His book Your Dreams Are Now Mine is based on a college love story with the sensational Nirbhaya rape case as a backdrop, and addresses many issues that the youth face in current times.

Durjoy Datta’s stories are not eternal love stories, which probably resonate with  young readers. He writes about the present, and a lot of events are from his own life or as witnessed by him in other people’s life. The key word here is that his stories relate to the readers.

Success stories of Durjoy Datta, Preeti Shenoy, Novoneel Chakraborty, Sudeep Nagarkar and more such writers have increased the number of sales in this category.

A few reasons for the rise in Indian romance authors are:-

  • Romance is comparatively easy to write. We have all lived romance. And what we haven’t lived, we have imagined or wished. Putting that on paper is easier than creating a whole new plot of thriller, maybe.
  • Romance novels are the safest bets in the market. Be it an impromptu pick or to nurse a broken heart, to kill boredom or to read a good story, most people tend to pick love stories because of the feel good factor that comes from reading them.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t love a good tale of the heart? With the frontrunners of the game churning out love stories which get sold off the rack soon after they hit the stands, these numbers act as an inspiration for aspiring authors as well.

Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma

Samarpita Sharma, an ex-journalist is a storyteller who pays her bills by freelancing as an editor, writer and content curator for travel & lifestyle brands. 

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