Calling all rebel troopers!

“Calling all Star Wars’ fans! Come and grab this Lego pack that comes with a fair warning that you as an adult might end up playing it more than the kid you bought it for. And while the kid is engrossed in playing, you will have to deal with withdrawal pangs. So do yourself a favour and buy two sets of this super fun Lego pack!

Suitable for six-year-olds and up, this Lego set is a collection of soldier figurines, each with distinctive features and expressions, headgear, eyewear, armour prints, and hence, with a different battle position that the commander (aka the player) decides.

The fun begins long before the pretend War-game is set to kick off. You construct the ‘battle tank’ and ‘flying armoured speeder bike’ from high quality Lego bits and the most easy-to-follow instructions ever. Like seriously easy, especially for a child. The bits snap in place with a light touch-and-stay action even during rough play. Battlegrounds are rough places, and in case something falls off, ‘repairs’ are easy to do on the spot.

The guns are the highlight of this pack. They come with extenders, and you can actually shoot a ‘bullet’! Yes, assemble them with the ‘trigger’ in place, load the ‘laser’ red bullets and then pop! Fire shots and save your home planet from all kinds of alien-bot invasions. You can add and subtract shapes, extend guns, and make the men sit or stand, keeping your unit battle ready at all times!

If all that we told you has already excited you, we want to add to your delight.  All Star Wars lovers, brace yourselves for the new instalment to the Lego Star Wars series – The  last Jedi that’s releasing in December this year. This movie does justice to the Star Wars legacy and is sure to keep you glued to your seats! Also all the official Star Wars merchandise are now available at Landmark Store.

Protip: Before you begin to assemble the set, sort all the pieces according to colour. Read the manual, and match each piece with the picture provided along in each step. Super simple, and several hours of fun playtime is guaranteed. You can also ‘grow’ the strength of the forces you command by adding pieces/figurines from other Star War sets or individual figures and pieces that Lego has on offer at Landmark.

Now, get, set. Lego!

Price: 1599

Karuna John

Karuna John is a Delhi-based independent journalist and editor. She has nearly 20 years of work experience in leading newspapers and magazines.

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