8 games that are the life of any party!

Winter is the perfect time to cozy up with friends and family at home and host some fun game nights! Pair that with some drinks, and finger foods and the smiles will just keep on coming! While dumb charades and the good old “antakshari” are the traditional favorites, this year give your party an entertaining spin with some board, card and block games!

1) Sequence

Perfect for a lively famjam, this card and board game can be played individually or as teams. The goal? Get 5 chips in a row on the board and you win! What makes it especially fun is its easy and entertaining gameplay. Outsmart the other teams by planning your next moves with your Jack cards  and make sure there is absolutely no coaching and table talk! Choose from a couple of different versions – kids, numbers, family, states and capitals and more.


2) Phase 10

A card game that will have the gang in splits! The one who finishes all 10 phases, wins! A combination of the popular game UNO and the old age favourite rummy, it has coloured numbered cards with the favourites “Wild” and “Skip” in it. So divide your gang into 4teams (or more!), distribute 3-11 cards and get this game going! We bet you’ll be crowned the “best host of the year” just for laying out this card game!


3) UNO

The more popular counterpart of Phase 10, no party night is complete without a game of UNO. Super easy to play, all you got to do is make sure you are left with no cards to be the winner! Trap your friends into loops of “wild cards”, have them” pick up” cards and have a great time! Don’t forget to say UNO at the end or all the hard work you’ve put will go down the drain!


4) Jenga

A test of brawn and brain, Jenga is a great test of hand eye coordination! All you got to do is stack them up and carefully remove pieces without tipping over the stack. It’s harder than it looks but provides hours of lively gameplay with the friends and family.


5) Pictionary

Another fan favourite, Pictionary has always been a hit at parties. Make yours even better but giving it a themed feel (Christmas can be one- it’s right around the corner!) and get to drawing. The team with the fastest guessed answers – takes home the trophy! For bonus smiles- click pics of some of the most crazy drawings of the night and save them for jokes later 🙂


6) Taboo

If there is one game that brings instant life into a party, it’s Taboo! Why is it called so? Because you have to guess the word on the card without using uttering the common clues which as Taboo! Divide the floor into 2 teams, and watch them struggle and make up the weirdest clues ever!

The team with the most set of guessed words is the ultimate winner! Pro tip: Make sure no one cheats on the timer!


7) Wethead with spinner

This game’s only aim is to get everyone completely wet! The game comes with a spinner, a set of 8 rods and a helmet which everyone wears by turn. Each spin determines the number of rods to be pulled and the one who gets wet the fastest is the loser! Fun for the entire gang in minutes!

Don’t you wait another minute, get all of these party favourites at a Landmark store near you and have the most awesome parties ever!

Radhika Sharma

A new mommy, Radhika has been a media professional for 13+ years, is an expert lullaby singer and is on the quest for #WorkBabyBalance

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