30 reasons why Landmark is your one stop shop

It’s time to celebrate as your favourite Landmark store turns 30 next week! While many consider ‘30’ to be the official age for attaining adulthood, we just want to keep the child in you alive! Here are 30 reasons why you love the brand, because let’s face it, it spreads sheer joy in our lives!

1) Design that just pulls you in!

The fact that our stores are huge, well lit and a have a fun and quirky vibe. The shelves are always well stacked and ready to pull you into its awesomeness immediately!

2) All the art your heart wants.

Crayons, pencils, paints, brushes, books, colouring sets – you name it, we’ve got it. From the beginners to the professional, the store is stacked with the essential art supplies for everyone

3) Education never looked so good.

Our huge collection of diaries, notebooks, labels, stickers make homework so fun! School time is now Landmark time!

4) You can always find the right gift here.

Whether it’s your anniversary or your best friend  birthday, be rest assured to find the perfect present  here. Right from fun  t-shirts to  mugs with one-liners,  we have got it all!

5) The staff is always helpful.

Our staff is well-trained and know every nook and cranny of the store. Just so they can help you find the most memorable presents,, every single time!

6)  Stylish bags and accessories

We follow the latest trends in the market when it comes to bags and accessories. So if you don’t have the time to scout for bags, walk over to our accessories section and take your pick from our artistic leather, denim cuts and cute backpacks

7) You’ll always look forward to the new year.

Our New Year exclusive diaries collection has plenty of designs to suit your every style and needs. They come in classic, printed, mosaic styles. Such a joy to scribble in!

8) Your motivation levels will skyrocket.

We went a bit quirky on this category with our fun one-liner books.  When you fall short of words to inspire or cheer up someone, well, let our fun books do it for you!

9) Tradition meets contemporary.

The Bougainvillea  and Lotus collection brings together traditional tastes with modern designs. Check out the files, boxes, pen stands and more in this inspiring collection

10) Browse at your own pace.

With our customer-centric approach, we make sure that customers visiting the store are given enough time to look around and explore the various products. e The experience is all about transporting the customer to an entertaining space free from any restraint. So browse at your own pace  and enjoy a carefree shopping experience at Landmark

11) We’ll help you grow your own garden!

Absolutely! With Upaj’s Grow Yourself Kits, it’s super easy to introduce your children to the wonderful world of farming. Grow tomatoes, marigold and little chillies, all in your backyard!

12) Get hi-tech.

Not only do we love our stationery, but we love our tech too. Our Playstation collection, speakers that redefine your audio space, funky gadgets and more for you to explore and fall in love with.

13) The superheroes live here too.

Yes they do! From batman to Yoda and even Ben10, hangout with all your favourite characters at Landmark Find toys, figurines, puzzles and play all day long!

14) Your children will never want to leave.

Who doesn’t want to stay in a world of toys, crayons, t-shirts and games! We guarantee your kids will fall in love and just not want to go home!

15) Wait! Let us rephrase that. you’ll never want to leave!

Not just kids, we at Landmark want the child in every adult to be happy too! We’ve got fun stuff such as  computer games, accessories, wallets, bags- the complete works to add some fun to your hectic schedule.

16) It’s a Lego lover’s paradise.

Love those little multicoloured blocks of fun? You’ll love our stores as they have the largest collection of Lego – right from the basics to the complicated 1000 pieces. Available for all ages, it’s the best thing ever!

17) You’ll definitely develop a creative hobby here.

With interesting art supplies of every kind, the creative side of the brain is bound to be engaged, right? Great hobbies are born at Landmark! Come on, indulge in some painting, drawing and engineering and get inspired!

18)Parents and cute babies, we got your back!

Cute photo frames, little boxes to store baby trinkets, hangers with pouches to sort baby clothes, Landmark has something for the babies too. Re-organise your little one’s room with our awesome baby accessories!

19) We bet you’ll love our games.

From the latest FIFA to Red Dead Redemption, we’ve got them all covered. If you are a game player, then this is your place to be. Come check out the gaming consoles in action and hit a couple of goals while you are at it!

20) The best authors regularly come here too.

Whether it is fiction you dream of, or romantic love stories that your heart wants, we’ve got the best books in town. Bestsellers in every genre are available right here!

21) Light it up!

Did you know that Landmark has a selection of house lights for every occasion? Whether it be fairy lights for dreamy cozy corners or lanterns which blend in everywhere, light up your life with them!

22) Oh wait, we have hoverboards too.

Um, yeah- we’re cool like that. Come check out the SmartWheels Hoverboard and float away. Not only do they look oh-so- cool, but riding them is so amusing too! Find these – only at Landmark!

23) Foster your kid’s creativity here.

Get your kids the right tools and enhance their creativity with crayons, colouring books, brushes, paints (and more) from Landmark. The next Pablo Picasso could be walking the aisles right here!

24) Board games, card games, we’ve got everything!

Scrabble, Taboo, Jenga, UNO, Scotland Yard – we’ve got them all! May your parties always be fun courtesy these awesome games! Famjams are here to stay-  everyone loves a game of Taboo!

25) There’s always something new.

We keep up with trends and always have something new for you every time you visit Landmark. We want to create an experience like no other and it’s important to dazzle every time. From the best books to the best of stationery and games, you’ll always have something to look forward ro.

26) The service is super quick.

Our staff is trained to handle customer requirements and will find what you need heart – ASAP! They are also trained in informing you about the latest products so that you never miss a beat. Checkout is smooth and super quick with multiple payment counters at your service.

27) We are very kid-friendly!

We love kids of all ages and want to encourage every single person to let their inner child run free. From babies to toddlers to adults, we love our customers and never differentiate!

28) We make memories.

Want to make your first anniversary memorable? Get your partner a beautiful bag from the store. Know why your kid is full of smiles at school? Because his/her notebooks have new super hero stickers on them. We want to make memories.

29) Star wars fans, we’ve got the latest merchandise covered!

Can’t wait for “The Last Jedi”? Here’s your chance to get in on the action and get your very own Star Wars Merchandise. Get the Lego Star Wars pack and start building!

30) Sweet treats! 

We believe in being ready for all occasions, and no occasions at all! Swing by our sweets and chocolates section for a quick celebration or a whimsical indulgence.


Time to celebrate! Happy Birthday to us! See you soon at your nearest Landmark store!

Radhika Sharma

A new mommy, Radhika has been a media professional for 13+ years, is an expert lullaby singer and is on the quest for #WorkBabyBalance

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