The Best Games of 2017

2017 has been one of the best years for video games in recent memory. With a lot of great games to grace the PC, PS4, and Xbox One, here are our picks for the best video games of 2017.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn

Platform: PS4

Price: Rs. 3,999

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open-world, role-playing action game made by Guerrilla Games — the same studio behind the hit Killzone series of first-person shooters. Set in a world where robots are a part of nature and humanity has been reduced to a tribal state, you play the protagonist Aloy, a warrior searching for clues that would help her uncover her past and the mysteries of the world around her. With fantastic story-telling, near perfect visuals, and a unique game world, Horizon Zero Dawn is perhaps one of the best games we’ve played in years, not just 2017.

2. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Platform: PS4

Price: Rs. 2,750

Set in India, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a stunning return for Sony’s immensely popular franchise. You’ll visit ancient temples, solve intricate puzzles, and foil a plot that threatens to divide the world. This time around, you won’t be playing the series hero, Nathan Drake, rather you’ll don the role of Chloe Frazer who debuted in Uncharted 2 and is of Indian ancestry. The game features great action sequences, a wealth of explosions, and some thoughtful puzzles all while teaching you a thing or two about Hindu mythology which is tastefully represented. If you own a PS4, you own one for this game. Yes, it’s that good, making it an easy pick for this list.

3. FIFA 18

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Price: Rs. 3,699

Another year, another FIFA. However, FIFA 18 manages to stay fresh thanks to some welcome changes to its gameplay. With improved passing and dribbling, along with enhanced ball physics, it feels quite different from past releases and at the same time, remains extremely accessible to newcomers. Throw in an improved story mode dubbed The Journey: Hunter Returns, which builds on The Journey mode that debuted in FIFA 17, and you have one of the most complete and entertaining representations of the sport we’ve had the pleasure of playing in a very long time.

4. Prey

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Price: Rs. 3,999

Developed by Arkane, the studio behind the critically acclaimed Dishonored franchise is Prey. Set on a space station called the Talos I, you’ll square off against hostile alien life forms, help human survivors, and piece together what happened, all while using a suite of fun weapons such as a Gloo Cannon that lets you create bridges as well as superhuman abilities such as telekinesis or summoning the dead to fight for you. What’s more is you can progress through the entire game without killing a single enemy. With such a wide variety of playstyles, Prey is an obvious pick for this list. There’s simply nothing quite like it that we’ve seen this year.

5. Assassin’s Creed Origins

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Price: Rs. 3,599

Assassin’s Creed Origins is a return to form. The series took a break from its yearly release schedule and the wait was worth it. From a revamped combat system that’s a lot more robust to the sights and sounds of Egypt that are a thrill to experience, Assassin’s Creed Origins is a grand adventure complete with the looks and story to match. You’ll hunt down a sinister group that has conquered the land and reinstate Cleopatra on the throne, all while sailing down the crocodile-infested waters of the Nile. It’s a picturesque, immersive adventure that’s the best in the series since the 2008 classic, Assassin’s Creed 2.

And while 2017 was a fantastic year for gaming, 2018 is shaping up to be great too with Far Cry 5, God of War and Monster Hunter World being some of the games you can expect early on. So what are you looking to play? Let us know in the comments.

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