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Gamers never get old. They never tire. That’s what sets them apart. Be it The Spartan war, perilous military missions, death races on asphalt or The Apocalypse or gamers have been there and done it all!

The virtual world is a gamer’s paradise where he metamorphoses into the habitat of the game and manipulate its elements with his joystick. As delirious as it sounds, the gaming world is no less than a parallel universe. When you hear a lot of people rant about the ill-effects of digital gaming and how it could affect your academics and still don’t care a whit about it, you know you’re a gamer.

If you relate to this and are proud to possess the anatomy of a gamer, then we have good news for you. Landmark announces its fantastic sale on bestselling gaming CDs of all time and also the compatible accessories. Here’s your chance save big on stacking up your gaming rack.

So get on the field now, rule the Ashes Trophy, attend to the Call of Duty and burn the asphalt off with your favourite car. Build a library of your favourite gaming and brag about it your buddies. You know it better than anyone else that nothing can beat the feeling of defeating your bestie in your favourite game. Calling all the gamers to make the most of this golden opportunity to own the best of gaming CDs and save more than 5K.

Tyson Kotian

Tyson believes there’s nothing you can’t solve with logic and a sense of humour. Musician, footballer, writer, he is also a fan of Sherlock Holmes.

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