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Multi-room speakers are becoming the next big thing in home audio system as they continue to replace the Bluetooth speakers in our home for more convenience and streaming quality. While many of the speakers are out in the market with various features, it can be tough to choose between them as these are fairly new and each have their own specific features.

But wait, what is a Multi-room speaker?

If you have no idea what a multi-room speaker is, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. A multi-room speaker system uses Wi-Fi – wireless networking to stream audio from your devices like your smartphones, PCs, etc. Some multi-room speakers can also use the internet directly, to connect to the online music streaming providers like Apple Music etc. Why they’re called multi-room speakers is because you can get several of these and place them in various rooms of your home. They all connect to your home router and can be controlled from your smartphone or a remote for a seamless multi-room audio experience. In this post, let’s check out some of the best multi-room speakers that Landmark has to offer.

B&O BEOPLAY – Beolit 17

The Beolit 17 is one of my favorites in this category. This gorgeous speaker is from the Danish manufacturer Bang & Olufsen and it’s built with premium materials. The speaker has 70W class D power and promises 24 hours of battery life. It is perfect for outdoors, kitchen and bedroom as it packs in an impressive speaker array of three 1.5-inch tweeters, two 4-inch passive bass radiators and a single, 5.5-inch full-range driver. The speaker also has several playback controls on its rubberized top panel. You can use the Beoplay app on your smartphone to pair another Beolit 17 so as to widen the stereo zone even further. The sound quality is really outstanding, and given its size, it can deliver very loud crystal-clear music. You can get the Beolit 17 for Rs. 39,990/-

Marshall Stanmore

This multi-room speaker is from Marshall which makes beautiful guitar amps, and hence its nostalgic design. The bold front logo, the knobs, vinyl covering all add to the classic vintage styling of this speaker. However, this is not very portable as it lacks a handle to carry around. It comes with various controls on top for playback, volume, bass/treble and an aux input. The multi-room streaming ability is impressive and the sound quality is top notch considering its design. The frequency range is 50 – 20,000 Hz and has a 50W woofer and two 15W tweeters. You can get the Marshall Stanmore for Rs. 29,990/-

Harman Kardon OMNI 10+

The Harman Kardon OMNI 10+ might be the cheapest one on this list but it’s the one that would easily attract attention from your guests. This speaker is beautifully shaped and produces excellent sound quality. It can connect with other OMNI speakers and can be controlled with your smartphone. The link feature on this speaker lets you connect to another OMNI speaker that is playing music and seamlessly continue the playback without any lag, giving a truly multi-room experience. It consists of a 25W woofter, a 25W tweeter and also supports high-resolution music playback up to 24-bit/96kHz. You can get the OMNI 10+ for Rs. 17,990/-

So, did you find the list helpful? Well then, head to your nearest Landmark store and check out the features and the sound quality of these wonderful speakers. Our executives will help you understand each and every feature of these speakers and will help you make a smart choice.

Elam Parithi Arul

Elam Parithi Arul is an Avid Gamer and a Technology Evangelist in the pursuit of helping people garner the best out of today's tech.

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