Tips for Creating an Inspirational Workspace

Who hasn’t experienced the mid-week productivity slump when our mind is occupied with Friday plans? With an average person working for over 260 days in a year, we spend the majority of our time in our work space. So let’s invest time in organizing and decorating our workspace just as we would our homes. Whether it’s with desk décor or storage essentials creating an inspiring work space can have positive effects on day to day productivity.

Make it Yours

The more your space represents you, the more comfortable you will be. Add a few key pieces that express your personal style. Use pin boards or cork boards to create collages or make mood boards. Add a frame or a mug with a line that inspires you or add some plants for a natural look.


Declutter Your Space

Tidy desk tidy mind is the mantra to live by. Set 5 minutes a day aside to tidy up your workspace. Storage essentials like pen holders, folders, book ends, visiting card holders will aid this daily task. Compartmentalize your documents into folders for ease of access.


To do lists & weekly planning will help you manage time effectively and plan your workload. Research shows that the physical act of writing and ticking tasks off a list makes us feel like we have accomplished something and in turn promotes productivity.


Organize Yourself

Note taking is valuable for retaining, remembering, reciting and recalling information. An inspiring notebook is all you need for this.


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