Book Review: Exam Warriors by Narendra Modi

We are in 2018 and it cannot be denied that the pressure for exams on children keeps increasing with every generation. While some children have parents who support and guide them well, others are unable to cope with the pressure. This has led to unfortunate situations, sometimes even fatal ones.

Addressing this big problem before it becomes worse, our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has written Exam Warriors where he is in conversation with children, advising them how to tackle this seemingly big demon. Far from being preachy, the book in fact maintains the tone of an older friend talking to children in a playful manner. Right at the beginning, exams are compared to festivals, easing the readers into the mindset that exams are not scary.

Exam Warriors  seems to have been conceptualised and written after extensive planning. Transition from one topic to another is smooth and chapters are no more than 2-3 pages. There are small exercises which when completed, can be uploaded in the Narendra Modi App by scanning the QR code. The idea of bringing all exam warriors together in the community page is quite interesting. It is important to mention the art work in the book which is exemplary, and the quality of the book is excellent.

What made me hopeful while reading the book was that advice, when it comes from people we look up to, holds more value to us. Reading the revered Prime Minister talk to children through his book, would send the message to young people in a different manner.

Another thing that struck me while reading Exam Warriors is that it doesn’t just talk about how to tackle exams but also guides children to be thankful to parents, do regular exercise, the consequences of cheating in exams, the importance of travelling and exploring, and how crucial it is to revise, amongst many other such character building lessons. Since the chapters are short, the content is to the point, non-preachy and in a friendly tone.

Set across 25 chapters, the book ends with some yogasanas and letters to parents & teachers. These letters are as important as the chapters because parents & teachers are the ones who guide children at every step. The yogasanas are accompanied with illustrations where it was refreshing to see both boys and girls practicing the asanas.

Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma

Samarpita Sharma, an ex-journalist is a storyteller who pays her bills by freelancing as an editor, writer and content curator for travel & lifestyle brands. 

    1. Hi Tejas,

      The book “Exam Warriors” consists of 193 pages. You can get your copy from a Landmark store near you 🙂 #HappyReading.

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