Paw Patrol is on a roll!

Going down memory lane, all of us certainly had whimsical fantasies about superheroes, animated characters and parallel entities. Like everything else our fantasies and reveries also have evolved with time. I had almost concluded that kids in today’s digitally driven era have stopped musing over cartoon characters until I came across Paw Patrol.

This Canadian television series is capable of standing at par with some of the most-loved creations by Disney, Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera and the like. One cannot be surprised to see that this animated series has gradually become a rage among kindergarten children to eight-year-olds. Some of the most unique features of Paw Patrol are that it has a very catchy plot that strongly connects to the emotions of toddlers and school-going kids. Ryder, the protagonist here heads a pack of rescue pups that carries out missions collectively. Each of the pups belongs to a distinct breed and is endowed with a unique skillset and all of them are connected to real life professions. For instance, Marshall the Dalmatian is a fire-fighter and a medic, Rubble, the English bulldog is a construction worker while Chase, the German Shepherd is a cop and spy along with a few more pups. These pups also have their personal doghouses which can transform into vehicles required by their respective professions like fire trucks, tugboats, bulldozers etc. No matter what age you belong to, this series is a lovely treat as it offers you a combination of technology, fiction, social service and adorable pups (Who on earth can ignore dogs?).

With a constantly increasing fan base, Paw Patrol can be rightly called one of the frequently followed animated series of recent times. And now, some good news for all Paw Patrol lovers, Paw Patrol’s awesome merchandise comprising soft toys & preschool playsets are available at Landmark stores. Hurry! Grab your Paw Patrol merchandise today.

Rose Benedicta

Rose is a retired teacher who loves children and books. The fact that she spends a lot of time reading to children is hardly a surprise.

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