Discover an all-new level of fun with Shopkins’ range of awesome toys!

My childhood was full of pretty Barbie sets and Lego – so much so that I would even go to bed with them! I absolutely adored the dolls, signature Barbie kitchen and lifestyle sets, the amazing Lego cars, helicopters, houses – the list was endless! The sheer joy in assembling them with friends and family has remained one of my favourite memories. Kids these days have so many options to choose from, and one of them is Shopkins – possibly the makers of the cutest collectible toys ever!

Shopkin Special Edition Polished Pearl

The Shopkins range of products are all based on everyday grocery items such as shopping carts, lipsticks, cookie jars and more. They also have a range of characters such as D’lish Donut, Mini Muffin, Kooky Cookie, etc. and are available in a variety of categories like sweets and bakery products. Shopkins toys are loved by children all around the world courtesy their collectible quality and fun designs. And guess what? The range at Landmark starts at just Rs.299!

Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck
Shopkins_Food Fair Truck

There are a host of collections to choose from such as The Ice Cream Truck, Slumber Fun, the Baby Shop, the Shopping bag and much more! The USP about Shopkins’ products is that, an entire new range of collectibles and characters is released every season, and currently there are about 3 to choose from! The packs are a combination of figurines, ideal for children aged 5 years and up! My personal favourite is the “Cupcake Collection” which has a set of 8 Shopkins with their sweet treat display, a display stand and even some tongs to serve the yummy cupcakes! It’s beautifully designed with a splash of pink, green and purple, and is exactly what sweet dreams are made of!

Shopkins Food Themed Pack – Cupcake Collection
Shopkins Kinstructions Slumber Fun

So what are you waiting for? Head to the nearest Landmark store and get your Shopkins collectibles today!

Radhika Sharma

A new mommy, Radhika has been a media professional for 13+ years, is an expert lullaby singer and is on the quest for #WorkBabyBalance

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