Add a dollop of style to your favourite morning pick-me-up

Decorative coffee mugs make perfect gifts for coffee lovers  or tea aficionados, and are also a great way to start your day. Whether you’re an animal lover, a sports buff, or a nature enthusiast, you’re sure to find the perfect mug of your dreams!

For those manic Mondays, where you need a quick fix or look forward to a midday ‘chai’ break, sip on an invigorating brew in a statement mug that does all the talking with a humorous or self-motivational message, and watch your morning go from good to great.

Minimalist ceramic tea mugs are just what you need to focus on all things practical when on the go. What’s more, they fit right into contemporary spaces as wonderful decorative accessories.

A coffee or tea lover can never have enough of mugs, each to suit a different mood. Choose a lovely themed, printed mug and slip into Zen mode mid-week to beat exam fever, work blues or simply unwind on a holiday.


Fancy a cozy tea service and long tete-a-tetes? Add a charming tea mug complete with a lid and stirrer to your collection. When every sip matters, so does the mug. Enjoy marshmallow filled hot chocolate with loved ones in cutesy “Instagram ready” couple mugs. Team that with tempting aromas and flavours of coffee, tea or cocoa and you’ve got a richly gratifying experience.

Unique mugs with ornamental toppers and handles or messages add pep to the perfect cup and are a fantastic way to exercise your freedom of expression. Be it to announce your beloved sports team, Alma mater, take a stand on world affairs or to even let others know that you’re a Star Wars fan or art lover.


Delight your favourite coffee-holic or tea guzzler with one of these fun mugs to help them brew the perfect cuppa. You can choose the lovely slogan-themed mugs  to create charming keepsakes.

Preethi Susan Jathanna

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