Let the bottles and jars do the talking

A bottle full of fantasies and a jar full of dreams! While this may sound quite like a verse from a beautiful love ballad, it’s something every one of us has coveted, at least once in life. All of us have a list of things that we wish we could say out loud, a movie character that we relate to and so many elements of attitude that we may want to highlight about ourselves.

We all play a different role in each segment of our lives. There could be a playful child hiding under the corporate masquerade that we tend to flaunt to the world. Shakespeare once quoted in one of his noteworthy plays, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. We all just play the character that we are assigned or the one that is required by the respective moment.

Now imagine how cool it would be to carry your persona in a bottle or express your emotions through the glass of a jar without talking much. That’s exactly what has inspired us to create designer mason jars and water bottles at Landmark.

You can pick from a wide range of ceramic mason jars and water bottles that describe you best. From scuttling to work in the morning to hitting the gym in the evening, the quirky quotes can keep you motivated as you sip on some water or that lovely caption on your mason jar can make you smile while you try to nibble on your favourite chocolate after a tedious day.

You can turn some of these into beautiful mementoes by gifting them to your loved ones on special occasions. The themes are contrived in order to complement the inner part of you. For the animal lover, the fitness freak, the artist, the bookworm, the mawkish or the disciplinarian, there’s one for every one.

Rose Benedicta

Rose is a retired teacher who loves children and books. The fact that she spends a lot of time reading to children is hardly a surprise.

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