15 Reasons Why Books Are Our Best Friends

If there is one thing you must get addicted to, reading books could be the best choice. One of the most rewarding hobbies to pick up, here are 15 reasons why you shouldn’t shy away from a life-long bond with books.

  1. Travel Anywhere Instantly

From strolling the alleyways of Rome to exploring multiple planets in the universe, a book is your quickest bet to reach a place instantly, and that too, without a ticket.

  1. Live Vicariously

Transform into a wizard who saves the world, or a time-traveller and so much more with a book. It’s the easiest way to experience different lives, all with a turn of a page.

  1. A Perfect Cure for Loneliness

There is no ‘I’ in a book, and you can trust this portable companion to immediately make you a part of the journey. Don’t hesitate from sharing a few days (and nights) with a book.

  1. Also a Great Escape from Grim Reality

Want a quick escape from a boring party or a sad day? Look for the closest book near you and boom – you are suddenly in fabulous company and going on exciting adventures.

  1. Get Smarter and Wiser with Each Page

Be assured, every time you finish a new book, you’ll be smarter and wiser than you were before.

  1. Learn and Relearn all in a Matter of Few Pages

Ever read a book where the antagonist turns out to be the good guy? Yes, a book will always teach you to “never judge a book by its cover.”

  1. Take Control of your Attention Span

If you can’t focus on anything for over a few minutes and need to take action pronto, get yourself a book. A book needs time and an enjoyable book will ensure that you don’t even realise how quickly time passes.

  1. A Perspective Changer

A book familiarises you with people and scenarios you wouldn’t encounter usually. Say goodbye to unidimensional perspective and be ready to consider multiple outlooks before making any decision.

  1. The Quickest Time-off

No time for a vacay? Fret not. A book will take you anywhere you like and away from the people/environment that you dislike in a matter of few pages.

  1. Say Hello to Improved Vocabulary

Substituting “reckon” instead of “think” in conversations after a tryst with a British author’s novel? Your vocabulary and understanding of language will better with every book you read.

  1. A Definite Conversation Starter

If you’re ever confused about how to start a dialogue with someone, talk to them about the last book you read. And hit it off from there!

  1. Hone your Curiosity

A book answers most of your questions; and if it doesn’t, it invokes a sense of curiosity. A book subliminally tells you to never stop questioning.

  1. No Need to Rush, Read at your Own Pace

There is never a deadline to finish a book. You can take a few hours or multiple weeks to finish reading a book.

  1. For the Joy of Taking it Slow

In this fast-paced life, let a book show you the charm and art of engaging in a leisurely activity.

  1. And Lastly, Never Run Out of Options!

You’ll never, ever not have books to read.

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Kala Raju

Kala is a writer from Pune.

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