Clear the Clutter with our Thematic Home Storage Solutions

If “less is more” is your maxim or you just want to make the most of a spatially-challenged area, we’ve rounded up some home storage and organization.

Explore laundry room organisation with our cool storage bags and hampers. With their aesthetic appeal, they are a great way to give your laundry routine a functional and stylish makeover. You can use a single type of laundry basket or create a cozy laundry nook with different coloured and printed laundry baskets when you want to sort and segregate.

Easy to put anywhere, these portable storage baskets are collapsible as well for neat storage when not in use. Try mounting the baskets on hooks beside an entry door or on a wall.  Zippered storage baskets that have clear windows for quick view are just what you need to de-clutter your closet. Place them in corner spaces, line them against a wall or arrange them in large cupboards to suit your preferences.

Give your living area some breathing space and make the most of vertical storage with wall organisers that have multiple compartments or pockets for use as both storage units and decorative accessories. These are especially handy in small rooms or bath spaces for quick access. If you want to store additional items away and out of sight, you can take advantage of these great storage options that can also double as ornamental accessories.

A hanging storage rack would work great to store toiletries, wipes, small cosmetics, pills, dryer sheets or other smaller items. They’re also a great spot to keep detergent, other cleaning supplies and lighter items. Hang one on the wall by your kitchen sink and store your dish soap and sponges in it. Wall organisers add an incredible amount of storage while taking up little space.

Available in different colours, prints and varieties, these wall storage accessories are a great choice to store documents, bills, receipts, stationery , keys and more. They make a great addition to your home storage supplies and are a clever way to give your living space an “arty touch’ at the same time.

Preethi Susan Jathanna

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