Get Three Toys In One With The Mighty Muggs Collection!

Collectible, memorabilia or just regular ol’ toys’ fans, the latest collection at Landmark stores is sure to make your day a better one. Enter: the head-spinning Mighty Muggs.

The Mighty Muggs are a vinyl–plastic collectable toy series. Not just any other toys, though. Based on super- and action-heroes, what sets these apart are the push buttons on the top of their heads, which makes their heads spin. And with each spin, the figurine displays a different expression. So say, if you pick Marvel’s Black Widow to take home, her emotions can range from elated to smug to outright enraged—all with a touch of a button.

Made by Hasbro, these 4-inch figures all have the same body type. Though the characters are easily-identifiable, the mini-me versions have a bigger head, round torsos and tube-like arms and legs. Super-cute and totally worth a place on your shelf, the Mighty Muggs collection includes characters from comic giants like Marvel Comics and DC Comics as well as popular movies like the Star Wars and Transformers.

There is a whole lot to pick from, but some of our favourites include Avengers leader, the righteous Captain America; the extra-terrestrial, tree-like creature popularly called as Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie franchise and the ever-ready-to-smash Hulk.

The Mighty Muggs collection will ensure that you can’t wipe off the smile from your mug. Perfect to gift or to collect, there are many more characters you can check out at one of your nearest Landmark stores.

Kala Raju

Kala is a writer from Pune.

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