Get to school in style with these awesome bags and pouches from Busquets!

Remember that first day of school? I still remember it like it was just yesterday. My first day was laced with excitement stemming from wanting to meet friends, the smell of new notebooks, playing around during breaks – but my favourite part was my brand-new school bag! Gone are the days of Plane Jane bags, they now come in funky styles and kids have so many options to choose from! Check out this awesome range of bags, pouches and more from Busquets World, Spain exclusively available at your nearest Landmark store!

1) Spirit edition

Red, pink and maroon – mixed to create a free-spirited vibe, these bags also have some cool quotes meant to inspire you every day! The print is funky and fresh – perfect to add colour to school or work life! Take your pick from an extensive range of bags and pouches and build a whole new set!

2) Country edition

Country strong all along! Feel the warmth of the fields with this ultra-cool design! Flowery prints that will remind you of huge landscapes and the magic of the countryside! Choose from blue butterflies or some beautiful flowers and stay happy all day!

3) Garden edition

Want to be more connected to nature? This design combines the goodness of the garden along with popping colours to make a perfect school companion. These bags/pouches are durable and roomy enough to hold books, boxes, folders and more!

So, what are you waiting for? Pick these gorgeous bags from your nearest Landmark store right now.

Radhika Sharma

A new mommy, Radhika has been a media professional for 13+ years, is an expert lullaby singer and is on the quest for #WorkBabyBalance

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