Science is our fastest growing segment and Nat Geo lines are the latest buzz creator!

Getting dirty in the mud, building sand castles at the beach, flying kites on the roof are history for the digitally savvy kids of today. Almost everything is mechanized due to the monumental progress in technology in the last few decades. While the gadgets that seem too tedious for us to operate are toys to six year olds we know that we’ve come really far since evolution!

With the amount of exposure that children are getting today, the curriculum has evolved to quite a great degree. Learning has gone much beyond the use of mere literature like textbooks and journals.

It’s more of a practical approach than a theoretical explanation when it comes to modern syllabi. This is exactly why science is not a just a subject in school anymore, but it’s a hobby. Deciphering various natural phenomena is now as simple as playing a game of cards.

Landmark brings you a host of science kits for children designed by Nat Geo to nurture budding astronauts, scientists, archaeologists and the like. The Science segment has been a rage among students lately. These wonderful learning tools are selling like hot cakes. The information imparted through educational shows can now be pragmatically executed by the kids with the help of these kits. They cater to several fields of science where each child can choose his/her interest and start exploring the magic of science.


The Meteorite Dig kit is built for the space lovers where you kids can make their own meteorites and asteroids and examine them like space researchers at NASA. For those who are fascinated by volcanic rocks, the Volcano Science Kit or Crack Open 2 Geodes are few of the many options they can go for. The Gemstone Dig Kit, Fossil mine Dig Kit, the Dinosaur Dig Kit are some of the kits that excavation freaks love to try their hands on.


So if your kid aspires to be one of these science heads, go ahead and order your favourite kit today.

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