My Little Pony – Discover how magical friendship can be!

There’s something unmistakably nostalgic and heartwarming about first-time friendships and innocent doe-eyed ponies that kids absolutely love. My Little Pony is an enduring tribute to all those pigtail promises of naivety, pure friendship and make-believe magic that’s endearing to little ones. Help your kids form magical friendships with Landmark’s delightful treat of My Little Pony toys.

Pastel-coloured vinyl toy horses, unicorns and Pegasus, with magical brushable neon manes and unique symbols have a classic appeal that kids find irresistible.  All the rage since early 2000’s in its revamped avatar, the My Little Pony animated series is also an internet sensation and successful line of motion pictures.

From the land of  Equestria,  meet Ponyville residents – Twilight Sparkle, an earnest, bookish unicorn; Rainbow Dash, a feisty tomboy pegasus; Rarity, a haughty, girly unicorn; Pinkie Pie, a buoyant party-loving “earth pony”; Fluttershy, a bashful, animal-loving Pegasus and the hard-working cowgirl earth pony called Applejack. Each magical pony is imbued with a unique personality that represents a facet of pure friendship. Applejack represents honesty; Rarity, generosity; Fluttershy, kindness; Rainbow Dash, loyalty and Pinkie Pie, laughter.

Perfect for budding minds, My Little Pony toys give free rein for kids to use their creative imagination. These cartoon character toys can be passed down from generation to generation as cherished keepsakes. Bright, colourful and cheerful, these magical ponies are sure to inspire kids to get off electronics and use their imagination while at play.

So gift your fan at home a tiny figurine or cuddly to play with and treasure. Playsets for make-believe make a perfect addition to a growing My Little Pony collection as well.

Celebrate friendship and be a part of the MLP fandom with this exciting range of My Little Pony merchandise available at Landmark stores.

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