A Refreshing Slice of Tropical Fun!!

Riding the trend wave in 2018, flamboyant flamingos, lush green succulents, cacti and zesty pineapples are all the rage when it comes to interior decor. Create a tropical paradise in your home with these fabulous trending interior decor concepts that Landmark has to offer.


Dream of sipping pina colodas in hammocks on lazy tropical getaways or exotic pool-side cocktail parties? There’s really no better way to create that upbeat mood than with these bright and bold décor elements at home. Birds of paradise; flirty pink flamingos are stealing the show this year with their elegance and make quite a statement as a symbol of beauty and balance. Vying for attention as symbols of hospitality and wealth, gold criss-crossed pineapples are the current summer mascot. Joining the tropical mix, the cool cactus and succulents make their mark as the millennial favourite with their minimalist form.


Add splashes of colour, character and creativity to your interiors with these décor motifs’ pop colours to create a lovely tropical ambiance that’s both bold and quirky.

Embrace the look by keeping it simple using eye-catching tropical themed décor accessories to create an inviting space. Coordinate your accessories, using a mix of solids and prints to complement wall colours and create areas of interest.

Transform an accent wall with a statement poster to express your décor style or personality. You can further enhance the tropical theme with nature inspired artwork, framed photographs, keychain holders and more for lovely visual appeal.

Lend a touch of glamour to your counter table, vanity, desk or home bar with decorative jar toppers or figurines. Pack a fruity punch and use decorative bowls, mugs and plates as cute serveware essentials to complement tropical snacking while entertaining guests.

Succulents and cacti are fantastic design elements that evoke a refreshing  and inviting feel in rooms. Opt for printed wallpaper for a hint of drama in your tropical interiors or use them in clusters to spruce the hallway, dining or bath space.

Whether you consider a complete makeover for your home interiors or want to lend a subtle nod to the trend for all things tropical, we’re sure to have just what it takes for that perfect tropical twist.

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