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Gaming as a genre has a stigma of cultivating mindless violence among the players and it has brought a huge outcry and angst among parents who have kids playing video games. This misconception is so common and it is essential to understand the pros of gaming before we stop our kids from playing games.


Well, do violent video games actually cause a person to act violently? Research has time and again proven that there is no relationship between playing video games and behaving violently. In a study done by Whitney DeCamp, an associate professor of sociology at Western Michigan, 6500 children were examined and it was found that playing video games, no matter how bloody and violent, did not predict violent behavior.

In fact, gaming improves cognitive functions and can be helpful and advantageous in real life:

Memory Skills

Gamers have better memory skills than the average non-gamer, which is quite essential to winning several games. They not only have better memory but they are also able to recall information/events much faster. 

Better Reflexes

With new ways to play video games, better graphics and difficulty levels, gamers have a faster reflex obtained by defeating hard-core bosses, scoring a goal in an online match, or getting the headshot in an FPS shooter. Without the right timing down to a millisecond, it is so easy to lose most of the competitive games like Call of Duty, DOTA, Borderlands, Halo and much more. This ability that they gain can particularly help spot and act on things faster than the average person.


True gamers have the tendency to complete each and every game including achievements and pushing the performance to the 100% mark, creating a habit that makes them perfectionists in real life.

Better Vision

Gamers have an eye to spot changes instantly as they have ventured into 8-bit games to graphically stunning worlds. Their brains are so trained that they can find things spot-on without much effort, thanks to gaming.

Gain New Friends & Stay Competitive

With online multiplayer and local co-op, gamers have the chance to meet new people and also stay competitive with each other. This develops a good level of sportsmanship between them, that stays with them in the real world.

Opens up New Worlds

For gamers, life is too short to live in a single world. Gamers love exploring new worlds made by some of the most creative studios with rich tales and lore.

In short, every gamer has their own essence of gaming that becomes a part of their character, and for the most part, it has proven to be healthier and fun for their character instead of making them violent. So, what are your thoughts? Please leave your comment below.

Elam Parithi Arul

Elam Parithi Arul is an Avid Gamer and a Technology Evangelist in the pursuit of helping people garner the best out of today's tech.

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