8 Books That Make Perfect Summer Reads

The sweltering weather outside can mean just one thing — it’s time to stay indoors during the day. If you’re looking for the perfect companion to spend time with, we recommend these new books to keep you company.

The Fallen by David Baldacci

Genre: Fiction

The fourth instalment of the Amos Decker series, this one like its predecessor is a page-turner. The book follows Detective Amos Decker, popularly known as the Memory Man for his inability to forget anything. An amalgamation of thriller, suspense and adventure fiction, this book unravels the story of bizarre killings in the small town of Baronville.


Time is a Killer by Michel Bussi

Genre: Crime Fiction

Oscillating between two time periods, 1989 and 2016, Bussi seamlessly captures events from the yore and presents in a book that examines the death of Clotilde’s (the protagonist) family in an accident, where she is the sole survivor. Set in Corsica, the novel is a psychological thriller that unravels the truth about the accident as well as herself.   


Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh

Genre: Psychological Fiction

After her two gripping novels, I Let You Go and I See You, the third novel by Mackintosh also follows the psychological thriller tone. A multi-layered book, this one follows the protagonist, Anna’s mother’s death., . A well-written, psychological thriller, the book also highlights mental health issues as well as paranormal elements.


Calling Sehmat by Harinder Singh Sikka

Genre: Spy Fiction (Reportedly based on a true story)

Recently adapted into the Alia Bhatt-starrer hit film Raazi, Calling Sehmat is a detailed account of a Kashmiri Muslim woman who was an Indian spy in Pakistan. Extensively researched and written by former Lieutenant Commander of the Navy, Harinder Singh Sikka, the names and setting of characters and scenes are slightly modified to protect the real parties involved in this espionage thriller.


Here, There and Everywhere by Sudha Murty

Genre: Biography, Non-Fiction

Sudha Murthy, the chairperson of Infosys Foundation, dons multiple hats, and the one as a writer is a notable one with 200 titles under her belt. Here, There and Everywhere is a collection of narratives and stories of real people she has encountered over the years.


Factfulness by Hans Rosling

Genre: Non-Fiction

Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World – and Why Things Are Better Than You Think by Professor of International Health, Hans Rosling implores the readers to only have opinions about things which can be backed by facts. A must-have book that will help you change the way you see the world. This book is a must-read if you want to understand as well as respond to the crises and opportunities of the future.


You Can Achieve More by Shiv Khera

Genre: Self help

“If you want to stand out then you need to do something outstanding”- is how the book begins. Authored by motivational speaker, Shiv Khera, this book talks about the basics that can help you redefine your life and success.


The Communication Book by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschoppeler

Genre: Self help

A good book to start off with if you have trouble communicating with your peers or colleagues. From helping to run your meetings better to brushing up on your listening skills and small talk, the duo fuse theoretical knowledge and business advice with humour and practicality in this book.

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Kala Raju

Kala is a writer from Pune.

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