Get your Kids Hooked to History by Reading them these 7 Books!

They remain. The crumbling buildings, lonely sculptures, tarnished canons, walls with perplexing graffiti carved on them – they all remain. In the outskirts, at the end of trampled roads, in the middle of high rise buildings – they remain to remind us that even the best of motives can come to catastrophic ends, friendships can be fatal at times, and it’s the power of common man that makes the world rethink system.

Learning lessons from the past is important, but exploring it through the labyrinths of dates, places, and names can be a daunting task; especially if you are a kid. Although there’s no definitive way of learning history, starting early and using resources beyond hardbound textbooks can be useful.

We recommend these five books that can make learning history exciting for your kids:

The Puffin History of the World: Volume 1: Roshen Dalal’s ‘The Puffin History of the World Volume 1’ manifests the riveting journey of human beings elaborating their social, cultural, technological and other developments across the globe. Providing varied information, this is a well-researched book to help your kid get an idea of how the world has become what it is today.

Letters from a Father to a Daughter: ‘Letters from a Father to a Daughter’ is an exceptional collection of 30 letters written by Jawaharlal Nehru to his daughter Indira Gandhi. Written for a 10-year-old girl, these letters talk about epics, races, languages, civilizations, and system of a country in an interesting and eloquent way.

The Unknown Indians: People Who Quietly Changed Our World: ‘The Unknown Indians’ by Subhadra Sen Gupta is a fascinating collection of rare information about the unsung heroes of India. Known for his amazing storytelling skills, Mr. Sen Gupta relates how common people like the traditional weavers, potters, farmers, writers, cooks, and charioteers help to form a nation.

Raj Kahini: Abanindranath Tagore’s ‘Raj Kahini’ is a famous Bengali literary classic and an excellent example of how to teach history through storytelling. Combining fact with fiction, this book features a collection of gripping tales of ancient Rajasthan in a lyrical style.

Pegasus Encyclopedia Ancient History: ‘Pegasus Encyclopedia Ancient History’ is an amazing book for young readers to learn about the ancient world. Featuring a wide variety of information coupled with quality images and interesting facts about different empires, civilizations, and times, this book ensures that your kid learns all the valuable details about world history.

Discovery of India: Considered as one of the most authentic references for almost any topic relating to India, ‘Discovery of India’ is a true example of craftsmanship. Written by Jawaharlal Nehru during his ninth prison term in 1945, this book is significant for both, interesting subject matters and powerful writing. Compelling and analytical, this is a great book to help kids understand the intellectual, religious, and societal tradition of this country.

The Incredible History of India’s Geography: The best part of reading ‘The Incredible History of India’s Geography’ by Sanjeev Sanyal is you never feel like you are reading a non-fiction. Lively and interesting, it’s almost like reading myriad stories about a country – India and yet, kids know about the trade routes that existed years ago, who invaded the country and what were the consequences, and how partition happened by the time they complete reading it.

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