Outdoor play –The best form of kids’ education

Throwback to a decade ago or so, when kids rushing off the school bus or coming home to just get outdoors, to exercise and play was a familiar scene. Cut to today’s day and age with the dominance of screen time; most kids only choose to exercise their thumbs for video games on the iPad, PS4 or smartphones.

Fast-paced technology has become more prominent and our lives have become more stationary.  While being tech-savvy has brought spectacular advancements, it can also be a hindrance when it comes to motivating new-age kids to appreciate the importance of playing outdoors.

Winning goals in a virtual game of football, cricket or badminton does not quite beat winning a real game on the field with all its glory and grit. Proxy players onscreen may do all the hard work in gaming apps, but kids lose out on the actual thrill of exercising their physical dexterity in challenging and competitive situations.

Playing outdoors is not just about engaging kids in physical activities but actually ensuring they get an all-round development at social, emotional and cognitive levels as well.  Outdoor play for kids like playing tag, running, jumping rope, bicycle racing or full-fledged formal sports activities give them a chance to improve their motor skills, hand and eye coordination, balance and overall performance. Playing with each other gives kids a chance to learn how to handle winning and losing in a mature manner. They learn how to stay positive in the face of challenges, get more involved in problem solving and grow more confident.

Encouraging kids to play outside does not have to be an expensive or time-consuming affair.  At Landmark, we offer a wide range of sports accessories for football, skating, tennis, badminton, cricket and lots more. All you need to do is identify the sport your kid would like to engage in and shop for at our stores – it’s really that simple.

Preethi Susan Jathanna

Preethi Susan Jathanna is a professional freelancer, who writes articles, blogs, press releases and product descriptions for diverse content categories.

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