Get your dose of digital detox with our cool range of “Fun N Fast” board games!

Are you trying to beat the heat? Are you finding out that getting kids to stay occupied is an uphill task? Or are you just bored? Why not unplug from the digital world with our range of exciting board games that promise to take game play to a whole new level.  Perfect for family game nights, parties and long weekends, these games are a great way to enjoy Instagram worthy moments and general bonhomie.

Designed as a visual perception card game, Dobble hones your observation skills and sparks creative fun  for children aged 6 and above. Players race to find the one matching image between one card and another. The images may be of different sizes and placed on any part of the card, making them difficult to spot.

Kids on Stage

A contemporary twist to the classic Charades game, this colorful word-based game is for kids ages 3 to 8, making for a great group activity at preschools, parties, family game nights and sleepovers.  Filled with fun twists, kids are sure to love this indoor game where they can exhibit their acting skills while others guess their roles.


Get all your general knowledge here in this brilliant word game for two or more players. Teams compete to decipher clues, get words and phonetically rearrange them to find answers. Clues are based on subjects ranging from art to mathematics to the English language, providing plenty of opportunities for anyone above the age of 10 to play.

20 Questions

Be the next Sherlock Holmes on the block with this classic panel board game of people, places and things.  Be the first to identify the mystery topics and correctly identify well-known people, places and things through a series of clues. Ideal for children aged 8 and above, this board game is a perfect bet for fun family gatherings.

Guess Who

Play detective to the hilt with this fun mystery board game that involves guessing faces to guess who the secret person is that your opponent has chosen. Ideal for ages 6 and up, simply flip over the hooked tiles as you narrow your choices by asking distinctive questions.


Get the best of both worlds with this dynamic tile-based game for two to four players as it combines elements of the card game; rummy and mahjong.  Its fast-paced but still easy gameplay makes it ideal for people of different ages over 8 to play together. While adults can stay on top of the game by exercising their strategizing skills, kids will enjoy sequencing, pattern recognition and planning.


Pit Classic

Designed as an open-outcry commodity trading card game,  Pit is serious business for ages 7 and up. Players offer trades by shouting out the number of cards they want to swap, but not their identity. The winner of the hand is the first to collect all of one commodity.  Corner the market by buying and trading commodities in this popular, action-packed and fun shout-aloud board game.


New kid on the block- Pictureka is a modern rendition of the classic hide and seek game that kids over 6 years and adults can play over the table at parties and game nights. Players have to quickly scan small pictures across the board looking for a specific picture.

Available at our leading stores, Landmark’s adventurous line of fun board games for kids and adults promise to be an edge apart from the classic staples like Monopoly, chess and more.

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