Why writing a diary should be a top resolution for a New and Improved You!

As an omnipresent secret confidante, the classic “Dear Diary” has long been thought to be an endearment for the awkward recluse or teen lover when it comes to journaling in a diary. However, extensive research has proven that writing or journaling is an inspirational and cathartic experience in the pursuit of a holistic lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some broad reasons, why maintaining a diary should not be merely a hobby but more a lifestyle.

Enjoy Good Health
Writing can do wonders for your mental and emotional health. Regular writing can give you a safe and therapeutic channel to relieve the stresses of your daily life. From venting out pent-up emotions, re-living special moments, to prophesying your own custom-made future, journaling is a great way to build your self-esteem and assess your progress. Choose lovely printed notebooks, leather bound diaries or hardcover journals that you can personalise with photos, initials or your signature to create a cherished keepsake that tells your story for posterity.

Channel your creativity

Maintaining a diary is an excellent way to get your creative juices flowing. Do you get  sudden flashes of inspiration? Jot them down. Pen down your random musings and use them to stay inspired. To stay inspired, look out for beautiful journals and diaries that feature motivation quotes, life reflections, wise/witty sayings or scenic images that enlighten the mind.

Stay Organised

Always juggling with post-it or sticky notes, scribbled bits of paper to remind yourself of tasks, schedules and more? Get a handy and functional planner or diary that does all the hard work for you. Pick up your work diary and write down to-do lists, schedule appointments, create tabbed sections for different assignments, store important information and so much more to stay organised and be on top of the game.

Build good habits

Regular writing can apply to more than just work, too. Keeping a journal is an excellent way to build better habits, as it helps you to stay on track with your actions and behaviour. Be it a food diary to chart your weight loss goals, an income/expenditure journal that analyses your finances or a diary that clocks your daily routine, recording information in a planner or journal is sure to help you stay focused.

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Preethi Susan Jathanna

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