Books to Read on a Rainy Day!

On a sunless weekday, when the clouds come floating carrying rain with thunder and gusts of wind, you know you have to cancel all the appointments. ‘It’s as good as a do-nothing day! There is nowhere to go; no one to meet. This is a day, when you sit snuggled cozily in an armchair by the window with a mug in your hand, watch rain lashing against the window pane, and hear the thunder roll and branches creak.

Good books certainly are your best friends on these magnificently lazy days. So, here are 3 books that we recommend you read on a rainy day to refresh your mood.

  1. The Wives

The Wives by Lauren Weisberger, popular as the author of ‘When Life Gives You Lululemons’, is a riveting read in one sitting. Emily Charlton, who in The Devil Wears Prada used to work for Miranda Priestly is a Celebrity Publicity Agency owner in Weisberger’s newly published novel. Entertaining and free-flowing, the story focuses on battered and bruised Emily’s professional turbulence and personal struggles as a successful image consultant and a stylist working for the famous and the rich.

  1. The Silent Widow

New York Times bestselling author, Tilly Bagshawe is back with one more Sidney Sheldon novel – The Silent Widow and it is a great book to keep you busy on a rainy day. The story begins when Charlotte Clancy, a young American au pair goes missing in Mexico City all of a sudden. The case remains unsolved until a spate of ruthless murders occurs in LA after ten years. Revolving around the life of a renowned psychiatrist, Nikki Roberts, The Silent Widow is a dark and gripping tale about serial killings, manipulation tactics, tragic consequences, and psychological complexities.

  1. The Mystery of Three Quarters

Tricky and enigmatic, Agatha Christie’s The Mystery of Three Quarters by Sophie Hannah is another book that you may pick up on a slow wet day. The story begins strangely with Hercule Poirot trying to prove himself innocent to mere strangers. Someone has been sending letters to different people impersonating Poirot, and it’s pretty awkward. The letters are accusing all the recipients of the same murder. Poirot, however, has no clue about what’s going on. This is a cunningly deceiving puzzle for him, and he needs to solve it to save his reputation.

Briti Bose

Briti Bose is a freelance writer, who enjoys home cooked meals, stories that aren’t true, but movies based on real life crimes, and being with people who laugh a lot.

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