Bag it up a notch!

What is the one thing you can absolutely not go out without? Well, whatever it is, I am sure you would need a bag to store it in. Moreover, if that one thing at all is a bag; then we are on the same page my friend! A bag instantly adds up to your look in the most conventional and yet in a functional way. It can suit itself to whatever outfit you are in a mood to wear, because it comes in a whole lot of options than you and I could possibly imagine. Every bag makes a statement; so just sit back and take a look at some incredibly convenient options Landmark has in store for you.

Backpack- The ‘I can take it all in’ Monster.

Be it a school going kid or a grown up, backpacks are the ones that are loved by one and all. Backpacks are also one of the best things that can happen to a traveler since they store all your travel essentials sectioned. They are like a mother, always there with a lot of space for n number of stuff. To top it, Landmark has it in multiple refreshing designs. It can complement your look with the hint of its edgy patterns and multiple range of colours.


String bag- The ‘I will tag along too’ friend.

These trendy string bags are super handy. From hanging out with friends to tagging along for a fun outing, this bag is made for all this and more. The wide range of fabrics and patterns gives them another reason to be your go to companion. They are trendy and comfortable. String bags have a peppy side to them which adds up to their appeal. Landmark has it in various fabrics with assorted prints and patterns.


Tote bags- The ‘I am pretty as well as convenient’ buddy.

Forget diamonds, tote bags are a girl’s best friend these days! Ask a girl what a tote bag means to her and the glitter in her eyes will give you the answer. Girls usually swear by tote bags. They can without a doubt store everything under the sun in a tote bag. Whether it’s college, shopping, office, or even gifting them to someone else; tote bags are just there like a big brother, they got your back. They go well with skirts, jeans, jumpsuits, maxi dresses or a perfect casual outing. Landmark has them not just in unique prints and fabrics but also embroideries which can go a long way complimenting your look and making your day.

Bhakti Jondhale

Works as an associate Creative director. Enjoys doing content writing for a little kick. Has worked for cosmetic, fashion and banking industry.

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