Hail the suave meowing miniatures.

From hilariously awesome videos on the internet; to the lost kitties’ cartons, kittens do rule. In ancient times, cats were worshiped as gods and they haven’t forgotten this. They are their own boss and they are proud of that.

Landmark has added an absolutely cuddle some collection of lost kitties to its store. These paradisiacal kittens are colourful, cartoon-styled cats that speak in broken English based on internet meme culture and they come with accessories. They are apt for kids above 5 years of age. Kids are as curious as cats and they would absolutely enjoy to discover what is hiding inside the carton. This pure cutesy range of lost kitties was launched in June 2018.

The lost kitties always get lost on adventures and the kids ought to find them in the lost kitty blind bag and free the kitty inside to add to their collection. Oh yes, you are their knight in shining armour.

The packaging too is relatable to kids since it resembles a milk carton. Each package contains a lost kitten figure, 2 accessories, shaping compound, collector’s sheet and a quirky meme sticker. The meme sticker is unique to each kitten and the communication is in pure cat lingo. The kittens are wrapped in plastic inside the compound, hence, the digging in creates a buoyant suspense that the kids will certainly love.

These indifferent creatures are available in assorted squad, namely; Scaredy cats, Cattitude, NotFelineIt, WorkinIt, Cathletic, Nomz, ifIfits and Adorbs. The kitties from each squad, as the name suggests, have a mind of their own. They follow their curious cat instincts and get lost in their curious spree. To add to it, each kitty has its own mischievous interest and an exclusive personality which makes the adventure enduring.

The pastel-coloured compounds in brown, white and pink can be used to mould various shapes and to lure your imaginative nerve. These miniatures are not just a treat to kids visually, they introduce them to various characteristics, and the memes add-up a sense of humour to the package. The sassy package of kitties usher in characteristics like cuteness, magnetism, apprehension in a nonchalant way. These radiantly breezy kitties indicate you to be non-apologetic and explore everything along the way.

Embrace your curious self and be a part of the lost kitten family. The charming range of the lost kitties merchandise is available at Landmark stores.

Bhakti Jondhale

Works as an associate Creative director. Enjoys doing content writing for a little kick. Has worked for cosmetic, fashion and banking industry.

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