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Printed photographs are always fun and more exciting than those we take on our smartphones. But on the downside, good quality printed photos are either time-consuming to print or expensive and that’s where INSTAX comes in! Remember the old polaroid cameras we used to have ages back? The ones which instantly print a photo once you click the capture button? Well, INSTAX isn’t exactly the same but it’s the polaroid of this digital age.

INSTAX is a film brand owned by Fujifilm, which defines it as a credit-card sized daylight colour film for use with the INSTAX film cameras such as the Mini 9. The camera is set to an ISO of 800 and it prints out glossy easy-to-carry photographs that can be used for fun, documentary and archival purposes.

How to use the INSTAX Mini 9?

INSTAX films can be printed from a Mini 9 camera which is priced at Rs.6452. The INSTAX film comes in packs of 10s and 20s, and can also be found bundled with the camera.


The INSTAX Mini 9 camera is very easy to use and can even be operated independently by kids. All you have to do is, insert the batteries in the camera, align the INSTAX mini film cartridge to the back of the camera using the yellow marker, eject the camera lens and press the shoot button to take your photo. After a few minutes, your photo will appear on the film. You will be able to see how many shots are remaining in the cartridge at the back of the camera, and also find the filter mode indicator at the front showing what would be appropriate for your shot.

To turn off the camera, just push in the camera lens back to its place. Here are some sample shots from the INSTAX film.

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Instant film cameras are kind of unique at this digital age, and you will find it extremely fun compared to taking pictures on your smartphone. Grab an INSTAX Mini 9 camera at a Landmark store near you and check them out yourself. Hope you found this article informative. Stay tuned for more.

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