Write in style, Landmark fashion notebooks have arrived!

The one thing that sets everyone free is an empty canvas. The mere feeling of being boundless because the canvas, my friend, is empty! You can choose to fly anywhere with your imagination because you are the creator. Oh, what an amazing feeling! Landmark certainly cannot give you that feeling, but what we can give you instead is our interpretation of an empty canvas, The Fashion notebooks by Landmark.


Writing can undoubtedly be the most procrastinated skill if a list is to be made. Be it something as big as writing a story or as minor as writing down your calculations for the day or even doing your homework; we all push it to tomorrow. Landmark thought of making it a little bit easier for you.

The fashion notebooks from Landmark are a perfect motivation to start writing for leisure, work or for the mere reason of keeping a tab on your expenditures. The beauty of books lies in the extraordinary designs, colours, patterns and sizes it is available in. The fashion notebooks are so profuse and versatile; you can choose to gift them to your colleagues or friends, use them for noting down personal chores or give them to kids. They are flexible to fit into every stipulation.


The diversity in these books is what makes them so special. The quoted books work a long way when you really need to boost yourself up. The patterned books, on the other hand, are so intricately designed; you have to see it to know it. Landmark has them in matt finish too. For corporate or professional utilisation, these books fit the bill.


However, the books have to work the best for kids. They are going to fuel your kids’ writing skills. The mere excitement and thrill of writing in these books can give your kid a reason to study.

Apart from the colours, cartoon prints, designs, geometrical patterns; they are also available in Lego prints. Your little artist can carry the sketchbook collection with him/her everywhere.


Do you need any more fascinating reasons to grab these fashionable writing notebooks? Explore the amazing collection available at Landmark Stores. Write in style, your thoughts deserve to be wrapped in delightful books.

Bhakti Jondhale

Works as an associate Creative director. Enjoys doing content writing for a little kick. Has worked for cosmetic, fashion and banking industry.

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