Get Crackin’ with the magical world of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles!

Meet new creatures and discover new magical hangouts with Spin Master’s latest series – Hatchimal Season 2. Similar to the first series of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, these adorable collectibles come inside speckled toy eggs, waiting to be hatched.

Rub the heart on the front of each egg and watch it go from purple to pink! Gently crack open the egg to discover your little creature friend inside. Hatchimals Colleggtibles 2 introduces over 100 new Hatchimals with glittery wings and different textures like fuzzy and soft bodies in vibrant colours. Depending on the colour, you can figure out if it’s a common, rare, ultra-rare or limited edition Hatchimal.

Cheetree, a little cheetah with glittery wings, Snowflake Narwarbler, a mystical and magical narwhal and Penguala, a lovable penguin are just some of the newbies onboard Hatchotopia.

What’s more, this season’s collection has an “Eggs” factor that adds to the mystery hunt. Amongst these collectibles, exists the “Golden” Hatchimal that’s only available in special packs. The ultra-rare Golden Lynx has a metallic body with glittery gold wings and debuts in Hatchtopia this season.

Explore new fantasy places like Crystal Canyon, Snowflake Shire and Magical Meadows. Also special, is the citrus Coast special edition that’s available in the two-pack carton and the exclusive flamingeese in the one dozen egg carton.

Each pack has a special sheet with a collector’s list on one side to identify which family your Hatchimal belongs to, and a partial map of Hatchtopia on the other side. Get all four parts so you can piece together your very own poster of the village for keepsake.

These fun and interactive toy eggs are a great choice as blind bags for kids to experience fun time filled with excitement and surprise. They can also share and trade their Hatchimal collectibles to ensure everyone gets a piece of the magic. Available at Landmark’s leading stores, it’s time to hatch some fun!

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