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‘Every note he plays is a prayer. Everything he does in terms of music is a connection with the Almighty. And I have come to realize that all his greatness is rooted in his simplicity and mysticism and honesty.’ Imtiaz Ali.

‘A.R. Rahman is a phenomenon we now know by the two initials of his name, much like how we can tell some of his music from the first few notes. The core of Rahman’s story lies more in his set of beliefs and achievements rather than a mere set of events. That’s what makes this story special and worth a read.

The author expresses his dilemma and moments of self-doubts when he was bestowed upon the responsibility of telling the story of this calm but mysteriously creative gem. ‘Notes of a Dream’ is the second book of the young author, Krishna Trilok. The Chennai based commerce and marketing student is filled with love for movies, fairy tales, mythology which sparked his interest in writing. His first book, Sharikrida is a fantasy novel, published in 2017.

The author peels Rahman’s life, one layer at a time. It is commendable how he doesn’t miss to mention even a single work by Rahman- be it advertising, musicals, films (Tamil, Hindi, and English), jingles, Broadway plays. The book features fairly intimate interviews and insights from key people in his life- professional and personal. The book is written in an effortless way, without any fuss. As you turn pages, you would definitely connect with Rahman’s music- the ones the author specifically talks about in each chapter- to feel a step closer to his world. By the end of the book, you will not only know the man better (that is what biographies are for!) but you would also start respecting him immensely for his boundless talent. The man surely is the pride of our nation.

While receiving his second Oscar the same night, Rahman was thrilled and touched at the same time. Everything he had faced and sacrificed for to this date had paid off and how! He couldn’t control his emotions with the second Oscar in his hands and said with the utmost humble voice, ‘All my life, I had a choice of hate and love. I chose to love. And I’m here. God bless.’

This is what A.R. Rahman is – deeply rooted, affectionate, and optimistic.

Bhakti Jondhale

Works as an associate Creative director. Enjoys doing content writing for a little kick. Has worked for cosmetic, fashion and banking industry.

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