Get ready to take a spin with the all-new Infinity Nado!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We have all grown up playing games that are not popular with the kids these days or may exist but in completely transformed versions. Blame it on urbanization or digitization, the truth remains that children today are more interested in the light emitting screens than anything else.

Enter Audley, with an amazing collection of Infinity Nados and a fighting arena with it. Infinity Nado comes with an experience and excitement of playing outdoor; what’s more, it even has its own battle arena. Oh! Yes, the war is still on.


Infinity Nado is a great gift for 5-year-olds and those above. It is not just about winning the battles but also about learning to take defeat well. It also evokes the quality of being a leader in children, as they lead their Nados. It’s a lesson in being a leader.

The box of Infinity Nado typically consists of either one or two Nados, (tops), launchers, rip chord, instruction manual and tools to dismantle the top and turn it upside down. This would incidentally change the parent spinning style of the Nado. It might be an attack or defensive kind, depending upon how you fix it.

Audley has launched different kinds of Nados like Infinity Nado Whisker, Infinity Nado Furious Basic Series, Infinity Nado Pokerman, Infinity Nado Aspis, Infinity Nado Cyan Spout Spinning Pop, Infinity Nado Ethereal Dancer, and the Infinity Nado Special Edition Battle Set – Super Whisker V/S Blade.

Infinity Nado Whisker – Balance Top

The Nados are made of metal which gives them great spinning capacity. Especially the battle set where the Nados are an attack and balance type. As the name suggests, the attack type is predominately the attacker and the other one balances itself against the attack. What’s more, they are colour coded! The attacker is red in colour signifying the fire it has in its personality while the balance type is warm and blue. As you rip the chords in the battle arena, they go for a spin and the one that survives wins the battle.

So get ready to wear your attacking hats with the all-new Infinity Nado. Choose among the assorted sets and collect the latest edition at your nearest Landmark Store.

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