A courageous memoir by Reham Khan!

This book had caught my fancy when I first got to know about it. I enjoy reading memoirs. A well-written memoir is like watching a documentary, it absorbs you into its world, making you empathise and learn at least a few lessons from the experiences in the book. Such was my experience of reading Reham Khan. From facing domestic abuse and living her life under a rock to what she achieved in media through sheer grit and perseverance is what Reham is what she is today. Though I must comment that at times I did feel that whatever is written is too good to be true.

The book starts with Reham’s life. She was born in Libya. She was married to her cousin (Ijaz Rehman) and lived through 12 traumatizing years of domestic abuse. Her kids weren’t spared too. They were brutally beaten. There were times when they nearly survived death. She somehow escaped that marriage and got into another relationship in an interesting turn of events.

In December 2012, she came to Pakistan and started working for a prestigious news network PTI as an anchor. That’s when she met Imran Khan, and went on to marry him. Reham gives a very detailed account of her life as Imran Khan’s wife, how she thought of him as a self-obsessed and narcissist man. She never loved him, as a husband but believed that Imran Khan could change the future of Pakistan. This is where this book takes an interesting turn. It delves deep into South Asian social and political scenarios while focusing on Pakistan’s political situation.

One of the things that stood out for me, as a reader, was Reham’s strong belief. No matter what happened with her, she was always positive and hit back with full force. And she did all of this while maintaining her calm. For instance, when Imran Khan gets angry at her for singing in front of General Musharraf and his wife, she holds her ground and did what she had do, bring her dog, Maxi when there was already one in her house!

Now, one of the major problems that I found with the book was its writing. I felt that the editor’s touch was missing. The book gets a bit monotonous midway but makes up for it as well. Overall, it’s a good read and an interesting way to know Reham Khan.

Yatin Gupta

Yatin Gupta is an advertising professional by the day. An avid reader & Humans of New York fan, he feels that stories can influence how we see others & spark a change in behavior.

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