Unlock the box of mystery with the dinky range of Lock stars.

What if I tell you that there’s a box full of delightful characters and miniatures waiting to be unlocked?  You heard me right! Hasbro is out with the most adorable secret mystery box full of lock star characters. The characters are accompanied by their charms, along with miniatures and keys.

Let us start with the genius packaging. The mere idea of actually packaging them in a chained box is intelligent and intriguing at the same time. As you unchain the box and unlock it with the help of the key,  which by the way is placed in a beautiful envelope inside the box, you’ll spot the lock stars right there. One mystery box ideally has 8 lock stars and there are 48 to be collected in series 1. Each packet of lock star consists of a predominant character, a miniature, 2 keys- one each of the character and the miniature. Once you jam the key in the nose of the character and unlock it, a charm pops out of the belly as it opens out.

The cute characters are available in various forms of monsters, mermaid, dinosaur, pirate, bulldog, cat, cactus, bunny, pirate, unicorn, brain, taco et cetera. The miniatures are not necessarily paired opposite the same characters it is unpacked with, and you need to look for its pair among all the 48 lock stars. To make the task simpler, the box is accompanied by a booklet consisting of unique numbers given to each character and its miniature. All you need to do is follow the unique number and make the pair. The star surprise over here is the charm treat! It’s absolutely delightful to see these charms pop out of the bellies of the characters as you unlock them.

Designed for kids aged above 4, lock stars can be styled with your bags, shoes, and bracelets. Get prepared to show off these little treats to your friends. Put on your detective hats and start unboxing the mystery available at Landmark Stores.

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