“Season 10” Surprises are Here for Shopkins Shopaholics!


Excitement is sure to reach fever-pitch amongst Shopkin fans as Landmark brings to you the incredible Shopkins Season 10 Mini Packs. The “Collector’s Edition” is the latest lineup of the popular and charming grocery-themed miniature collectibles.

The launch of season 10 marks four years since Shopkins made its first imprints in kids’ hearts all over the world. New mini packs include one Collector’s Edition Shopkin from Season 1, 2, or 3. The types of packs for this season are single packs which include one Shopkins in a mini pack, shopper packs which include eight Shopkins and eight mini packs, and variety packs which include 12 Shopkins and 12 mini packs. Season 10 also includes the Pick ‘N’ Pack Small Mart Playset and Shoppie Dolls for that extra fun factor. Shopville’s favourite supermarket comes complete with a loyalty card to swipe at the register, cute display shelves, fridge, 2-in -1 convertible cart and a carry basket. Perfect for endless hours of creative pretend play, kids can invite Shoppies, Shopville’s most fashionable friends with their unique Shopkins to make grocery shopping even more exciting.

Moose Toys launches Shopkins Season 10, Mini Packs, which are packaged in miniature versions of real-life supermarket items. (PRNewsfoto/Moose Toys)

These adorable Shopkins come packaged in miniature versions of real-life supermarket items like tiny milk cartons, fruit crates, detergent bottles and many more. Hidden inside each item are the most loved Shopkins characters from Seasons 1, 2 and 3. With all-time classics like Kooky Cookie, Corny Cobb and Taco Terrie in enhanced avatars, there’s a new level of collectability and fun, as each of the Shopkins is embossed with a commemorative Gold, Silver or Bronze Collector’s stamp which denotes their originating season.

Ardent fans have brand new, distinctive figures to add to their collections and can unbox cool decorative packages to discover Shopkins characters inside. Explore over 80 different packages right from jelly jars, popcorn bags, take-out containers to shoe boxes and lots more.

“Shopkinians” can now store and display their favourite embossed characters in creative ways. They can also meet other enthusiasts/collectors and make trades to add to their collections with these mini reusable packages. Ideal for kids aged four to seven, Shopkins Mini Packs can be found at leading Landmark stores.

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