WWE- 2K19- worth it or not?

Painted with numerous controversies and allegations, the WWE has unabashedly ruled the realm of entertainment sports for years. Let’s take a nostalgic trip to our childhood days, where we tried new moves on siblings and classmates while shouting catchphrases of our favourite wrestler. Video game developers have been creating several games so as to make the player feel every bit like the WWE superstars in the ring.

Japanese developers Yuke’s and Visual Concepts from America have added yet another version to the series of games. It is called as WWE-2K19 and it will certainly blow the minds of WWE patrons. This version is said to be faster and smoother than its prequels. There are multiple returning and new game modes, one of them being the most talked about feature- the 2K Showcase mode. The other two modes which are newly added to the 2K19 version are the Tower Modes. These modes help the players customise their preferred wrestlers as per their preference. To top it all, it features the Collector’s edition that also includes a Deluxe Edition copy just like some of the previous versions. It also comes with special access to the older versions of wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, The Undertaker, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat, Ronda Rousey and a few more. Another highlight of this version would be veteran Ric Flair who is popularly known as the “Nature Boy” and a plaque featuring his flashy purple or pink robe.

At some points you may also feel that this game is slow-paced and unexciting, but the graphics totally compensate for these flaws. The soundtrack of this game is the icing on the cake. It includes songs from Eminem, Post Malone, Metallica, Fall Out Boy etc. which spruces up the wrestling arena even more!

The 2K19 version is quite a decent gamble if you’d like to have some serious fun with your sibling or best buddy. Around 397,000 copies have been successfully sold since its launch. Certain aspects of this game were loved by WWE fans whereas some areas are still criticised. So, if you want to re-live your favourite wrestler in the ring, go get your copy today from the nearest Landmark store.

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