Quick and funky nail art!

Remember Uma Thurman’s red nail paint in Pulp Fiction? She totally nailed it!

Well, you can’t deny the fact that nail paints do say a lot about your style and fashion sense, they add to your personality and also create help you create your signature style. And while we’ve all loved our nudes, pastels, neons, and glitters, nail art is one of the most creative and fun ways to express yourself!

There are so many patterns, colours and trends to explore in nail art. Yet, one of the easiest and non-messy ways is to use stickers. Landmark has an amazing collection of nail art stickers featuring animal prints, emojis and much more. The range has been created keeping different kinds of people, their preferences, latest trends and age groups in mind. In fact, it is a great way to encourage creativity in children, especially those in their early teens.

As fun nail art is, it is also time consuming. Using stickers makes the whole tricky nail art process less cumbersome. You can experiment with different designs. In case, you get bored of a pattern or don’t like it, you can just remove the sticker and play around the basic nail paint, or even use another sticker, it’s hardly a matter of seconds. The best part is you don’t have to sit around waiting for the nail paint to dry!

One of the major concerns with nail art is the toll it takes on your nails. Polish, removers, glitter, more polish can make your nails unhealthy. It’s why we prefer stickers. They are as easy to apply and also come off effortlessly.

As fun as nail paints and nail art is, you have to take care of your nails. Skip nail paint every once in a while, give your nails a break. Let them breathe. Also, maintain hygiene by keeping your hands clean, using a hand sanitiser and keeping your hands moisturised.

Do visit the Landmark store closest to you and pick up a few stickers for yourself and your best friends too!

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