Show off your jewellery collection in style! 

Those pretty earrings you have, the ones that go with almost anything in your wardrobe. And that delicate bracelet, the one with stars, that makes even the most basic looks noteworthy. We know just how picky and particular you are about your little trinkets. That’s why we want you to never lose a stud, or spend time untangling a delicate chain ever again.

Landmark’s latest collection of jewellery stands and trays are just perfect to store and display your precious pieces. These chic trays and stands are as purposeful as they are classy. The golden stands come in a range of elegant designs. So, you can be picky about these as well. Surprise! There are non-bling options too!

There are tray options that feature simple and inspiring messages that speak volumes about your taste. They are perfect for storing your own jewellery and even make a thoughtful present for a loved one. Or even better, you could make sure your girl pals have at least one of their own!

The trays with the golden rim stand out especially because of their intricate design and attractive shape. For your finer jewellery, we recommend you use a thin muslin or velvet cloth to line the tray. This will also make the tray easier to clean and maintain.

With changing fashion trends like jewellery layering and stacking picking pace, we seem to own way more jewellery than we used to. Yet, we hardly have the time to match and pair a different neck piece or band every day, as much as we’d love to. That’s where Landmark’s jewellery trays and stands come handy. They make sorting jewellery easy. When you have all your options laid out in front of you on a tray, you can spend less time untangling chains and rather spend it on picking the best one to match your look for the day.

So, before you order your next toe ring or bangles, pick out an exquisite jewellery stand or tray from Landmark. Just to make sure your precious treasure is well maintained and safely stored.

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