Chetan Bhagat triumphs over yet another Genre.

Chetan Bhagat,  is the most celebrated author of India. He taught Indian teenagers to fall in love despite the caste differences, economical differences and the political differences; his books had it all. And to say the least, he played an important role in bringing IItians in the limelight.

This time around though, the author’s take on love is quite interesting. With ‘The girl in room 105’, Chetan Bhagat has tried his hand at a different genre. Oh yes! You are in for a surprise here. The book starts with the backdrop of love but it doesn’t hover around just there. A boy from IIT, goes to meet his ex-girlfriend at her hostel room on her birthday after she drunk texts him. To his utter shock, he discovers her lying dead and cold. The boy is accompanied by his friend and they inform the cops and the investigation begins. The real catch in the story is how the protagonist himself solves this murder mystery. The book is a thriller mystery and can surely keep you hooked till the last page. Each character and plot is used so intelligently, every character has a motive to take the story forward. Each revelation is followed by a shock, thus keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole read.

Novels written by Chetan Bhagat were usually love stories. That might be the reason why a book so different feels like a sweet surprise. I do not mean to take away the due credits here either, but after reading each plot, I cannot help but marvel at the thought process behind them. This one by the author can, without a doubt, be counted as my favourite so far.

I’m quite sure even if you are not a Chetan Bhagat fan, this book will help you turn into one. The 312- pager is an easy read like most of his books. You wouldn’t regret this roller coaster ride. I totally suggest you to go and grab one today!

Bhakti Jondhale

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