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Subtle and small-boned yet the universal metaphor for cunningness, the fox is the least suspected culprit across the jungle. This is exactly what describes the protagonist-Luke Jennings, a 17-year old British lad suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. In an era where very few people still boast of their book collection instead of their Netflix account, the genius of Frederick Forsyth still manages to deliver a tight paced storyline which doesn’t allow the reader to blink.

The thriller starts with a phone call from the British Prime Minister to Adrian Weston, the chief of the British Secret Intelligence. The Prime Minister summons Weston and an audience urgently at midnight to reveal a shocking report. The toughest and the most impregnable firewalls in the world have been breached! The hacking of The Pentagon, NSA, and CIA appalls each one present in the room. Though it seems like a terrorist activity or an attempt by a foreign nation to steal crucial information, the hackers haven’t stolen anything at all. To add to their surprise, when a special team of British SRR, SAS, and SBS forces and two Navy SEALs track down the house where the breach was executed from, they find an autistic teenager who hardly gets out of his computer room in the attic and communicates with the outer world.

The Americans and the British finally conclude that Jennings is innocent and was just a curious child wandering through a toy store, satisfying his curiosity and then wandering out again as described by renowned computer scientist Dr. Jeremey Hedricks. In order to avoid political clashes and a war-like situation, both nations decide to collectively utilise Jennings’ unique gift and devise military strategies against the enemies. Sadly, naïve Jennings is pushed into world politics where he unknowingly sets off on a perilous journey becoming the most sought-after man by nations like Russia, North Korea, and Iran.

Forsyth has done what he does best and has beautifully broken down the jargons and convolutions of the hacking world to the simplest possible form. His writing is so impeccable that it’s quite difficult to tell the difference between watching a James Bond movie in 3D and reading this thriller. Since his first novel, ‘The Day of the Jackal’ which got him the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Novel, Forsyth has been ruling the genre for three decades. Like a boss. Readers with a penchant for thriller novels must not miss this one at all. Get your copy today and get ready for a nail-biting thriller with each page you flip.

Rose Benedicta

Rose is a retired teacher who loves children and books. The fact that she spends a lot of time reading to children is hardly a surprise.

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