Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The call of glorious victory, ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’, has become so popular lately and for all the right reasons. Player Unknown’s Battleground (Mobile), the last-man-standing shooter game, has broken the internet along with some mind-boggling records, giving birth to a new breed of gamers and enthusiasts across the globe in a significantly short amount of time. In a market that is dripping with enriching games, PUBG has stood out as one of the best and the most loved games of all times. Google Play Store has also highlighted PUBG in Play Store’s Best of 2018.

The game starts off with players on the spawn island throwing candies and punches at each other while the game finds more members to be added. But you won’t have to wait for more than a minute to get into the game, given its immense popularity. With the Vikendi Map, an Adriatic island snow map being developed, PUBG (Mobile) will now have 3 maps. The game kicked off with Erangel and Miramar, eventually adding the Sanhok map which is probably one of the coolest looking maps of all, while Erangel still enjoys being the favourite. Once the players are off the aircraft, there is a circle which is called the ‘Playzone’ that keeps shrinking within a stipulated time and players outside the zone will eventually die. With the inclusion of PUBG Royale Pass (FREE) and the ELITE one, which is paid, players get exclusive access to features like new moves, new skins for their weapons and vehicles, and more. Players can complete missions to earn rewards and improve their ranks as they progress through the game. The in-game purchase that could be achieved by getting Unknown Cash (UC) lets players unlock exclusive items.

Ever since the game was launched, PUBG has sought the gaming community’s suggestions on new features and it has added a host of features, maps and weapons. The introduction of war mode in PUBG Mobile was subtly done and it presents a deathmatch-style gaming experience with a re-spawn timer following which the player reappears after being dead. One of the many reasons why PUBG has been famous around gamers is the fact that it beautifully captivates a gamer’s attention by offering new maps with amazing graphics, weapons and a multiplayer mode with a voice-chat feature that, apart from our squad, also enables us to talk to enemies. While the entire game is exceedingly beautiful, the final moments are the ones that can keep our hearts pounding while we’re still alive in the game. The ‘Circle of Death’ that downsizes considerably brings all the players alive even closer and the hunger to emerge victorious among the last few players is exhilarating and particularly satisfying.

On the whole, PUBG is one of the most played games and it has created a lot of opportunities for budding YouTubers, gamers and enthusiasts across the globe. Backed by Tencent Games, the developers have done an impressive job providing us with constant updates and better features that manage to keep us all on our toes, expecting the game to evolve over the months and years to come.

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