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Life’s amazing secrets – Gaur Gopal Das: A Review

Gaur Gopal Das is one of the most prolific speakers and orators of our country. This former electrical engineer decided to live his life as a monk after a short stint with Hewlett Packard. Since 2005, he has been travelling across the globe, sharing his wisdom with several universities, corporate executives and charitable trusts. In 2016, his world-wide popularity rose exponentially with millions of people streaming his videos on social media. Now, the famous monk, Gaur Gopal Das, has rightfully been conferred the title ‘The Ideal Young Spiritual Guru’ by the Indian Student Parliament, MIT Pune.

Gaur Gopal Das’s penchant for spreading his wisdom far and wide encouraged him to pen down his teachings in his debut book – Life’s Amazing Secrets. In this book, just like his videos, the author discusses the four principles that form the groundwork of a happy life. They are namely: personal life, relationships, work life and social contribution. He imparts wisdom on how to keep them balanced so as to live a life where we cherish values and happiness.

This book is packed with valuable insights and numerous anecdotes of how to live a meaningful life, particularly with a balanced approach. With this meaningful thought, the author explains why it’s vital to be careful with our thoughts.

“Watch your thoughts, they turn into words. Watch your words, they turn into actions. Watch your actions, they turn into habits. Watch your habits, they turn into character. Watch your character; it turns into your destiny.’ It all begins with a thought.” 

Overall, it’s a book that has been written with a lot of insight and knowledge about life and all that can be absorbed from it. The language that has been used to pen down the book is simple and easy to understand.

Do pick a copy of Life’s Amazing Secrets to unlock all the amazing mysteries that life has to offer. You won’t be disappointed at all!

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