LOL Surprise Dolls – final

Go on an unlimited accessory hunt with these collectible bolls

The L.O.L Surprise Dolls is a collectible series that come with a range of accessories and elements that must be unwrapped to discover the doll within. Each of the variants are modelled to appeal to the different interest of kids. For instance, there is one variant that appeals to a craft lover, while another appeals to kids who love to spend time grooming their dolls and toys.

One of the variant that has proven to be a massive hit with children is the DIY Glitter Factory, understandably so. It comes with a series of glitter and fuzz surprises that can be easily wiped out and re-applied, making for a creative and engaging activity.

Another variant, the L.O.L Surprise Bigger Surprise comes with more than 60 hidden accessories, with the overall theme being a mystery hunt to find a missing pet. With accessories ranging from hair brushes to face masks and spy glasses to pets, this is a fun variant not just for kids, but all L.O.L. surprise doll lovers.

Variants with universally-appealing themes also make for wonderful inclusion to display shelves at home apart from the children’s room. With their miniature appeal and easy handling, they could even be a welcome addition to some creative work desks.

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