Roars like the leopard, howls like the wolf

Are you a fan of fantasy? If yes, then the Black Leopard, Red Wolf book by Marlon James would be ideal. The Jamaican writer has published four novels such as John Crow’ Devil, The Book of Night Women and A Brief History of Seven Killings. The Black Leopard, Red Wolf is the latest in his series of books that he has penned. It is the first novel from the Dark Star Trilogy that he has authored.
What is the book about? It is about a Tracker who is known for his skills as a hunter. He has a sharp nose and is tasked to track down a mysterious boy who vanished three years earlier. He works with a group of people who are entrusted with the responsibility of finding the boy. The band is an assortment, packed with unusual characters with, one of whom is a shape-shifting man-animal referred to as the Leopard.
The book takes Tracker through various adventures as he follows the boy’s scent. The writing is crisp and keep you guessing as the Tracker grapple with questions regarding the hunt. The characters make a solid mark on you as you understand their vulnerabilities, limitations, motivations and strength.
The book has drawn strong inspiration from African history and mythology. It is considered to be a literary equivalent to a Marvel Comics universe packed with references to old movies and recent TV, ancient myths, classic comic books and so forth. It is a fantastic tale of mystery, death and murder which resonates with the readers. People who are fans of the fantasy genre will enjoy it as it comes with shape shifters, fairies, trolls and so forth.
I would highly recommend Black Leopard, Red Wolf as it’s an interesting take on the fantasy cum mystery genre. It is entertaining and you will not be able to put the novel down until you finish it.

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