Back To School Essentials For 2019

One of the key things that keeps your kids excited about a school is cute, funky stationery! Children love carrying unique, colorful and funky stationery as it adds to their personality and allows them to showcase their signature style. We have come up with a list of some cool school supplies that your children will love. Also, these stationery and school accessories can be a great gifting option.
Kids are more excited about school bags than any other thing. There are wide range of bags available which feature cute, adorable designs of different cartoon as well as movie characters. Take your pick from a range as varied as Dora The Explorer for young girls and boys to Dark Knight for older kids. You can also look for transparent, fluorescent bags for the monsoons since they will be rain-proof while allowing young kids to find their books and stationery supplies easily. While purchasing a bag you should also consider the size of the bag. If your kid is a preschooler, small bags are more convenient and if they are in primary or secondary school then go for a bag with more compartments.

Taking notes become more fun when kids have got their favorite characters on the cover of their notebooks. There is a wide range of notebooks available that includes Star Wars to Disney characters. These days you can even personalize notebooks by adding their name and photograph. You can buy these premium notebooks for your kids or gift it to someone else if you are looking for customized and memorable gift ideas.

Lunch box
A fancy looking lunch-box is every child’s weakness. There are variety of lunch boxes available, but you need a lunch box that is free of harmful chemicals. So, look for ones that are made of food grade plastic or steel. Go for one with air-tight lids, so that the food doesn’t spill. Branded lunch boxes come in a variety of colours and sets if you are looking for options that don’t require you to choose a particular character, especially if you want to keep things safe while gifting.

Water bottles
When your kids are well-hydrated, they remain more focused. A water bottle they personally love will encourage them to drink more water. Sippers, regular bottles, wide-mouth flask, are some of options you can consider. In case your child loves sports, you can also opt for bottles in the shape of football and similar other themes. You can also personalize these bottles with names, especially in the case of younger children since they often tend to mix up their bottles with other kids at school.

Pencil case
Kids often lose their pencils, so it is best to buy a pencil case that they love to carry and flaunt it everywhere. This way, they will learn to take care of their precious possessions. You can select from a range of different themes for pencil cases, based on super heroes to objects such as cars. In terms of utility, look out for magnetic pencil boxes and password-protected ones to pique your child’s fancy while ensuring safety for their accessories.

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